Artist Statement

Updated 2021:

The figure, the portrait of humans has been the subject matter of my artwork for many years. my concepts have evolved into creating a contrast between familiar forms and color, and adding unfamiliar elements. This manifests through my sculptural work and my paintings by adding foam and fluorescent paints to the human form. The resulting work is meant to challenge the view by disrupting the "natural" (i.e. colors and forms that we see in the human skin and body) and adding an element of the "unnatural" (i.e. fluorescent pigments, forms that seem to be growing from the shape of the human figure).


When creating paintings, I work in acrylics, starting with a base of fluorescent paint, and building with a traditional pallet, letting the colors contrast and eventually flow together. I mostly concentrate on the face in these works, as it is what we commonly focus on when we encounter others. The subject matters, or the faces I have chosen to paint, may or may not be known to the viewer; I have chosen them as people who have personally influenced me at one point in my life, and the fluorescent color representative of the influence. As the work is viewed, the subjects in the paintings gaze back, further challenging the beholder to examine their presence as a work of art.


In my sculptural work, I use a base form, such a mannequin as the base. I add color-changing LED lights and  expanding polyurethane foam, and finish in bright shades of color. These works differ from my paintings, in that they usually do not concentrate on the face; in fact, they usually have an object in place of the head (i.e. a glass globe, a bovine hip bone). Rather, they focus on the human form as a whole, adding elements that create an other-worldly silhouette. 


The artwork I have created relate with each other with the similarities, such as color and addressing different sections of the human body. The familiar in each sculptural work is the base mannequin (or human form), and the unfamiliar is the color and foam added. The familiar in my paintings is the glimpse of a human face in a natural palette, but adding neon strokes of color that create a luminosity that weaves in and out of the flesh.



Study of a Jenny Saville painting, adding fluorescent paint. 2021