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where EVERYONE is creative!

Services include:
Pre-made or custom art activities, tailored to your event!
An arts educator (Mery McNett) will be present to facilitate each activity

Bringing art activities to:
Parties.  Special Events.  Team Building Events.  Schools...and more!

What kind of art activities?
All activities will have elements of open-endedness.
That means that the end product will be unique to each artist's choices!
Community and individual-based art projects are available.
Examples include:
Abstract Painting
Wet Felting
Blacklight Glow Painting

The Emotions of Color and Shape Sculptures
Colorful Creative Kites
....there are ENDLESS possibilities!

Artsy Cartsy is a portable art studio that specializes in process-based art-making using art supplies and recycled material.


My love for this form of art-making stemmed from my first introduction to Virginia Myer's teachings when I first became involved at Living Arts of Tulsa in 2010.


After the closure of ahha Tulsa, I wanted to give Tulsa a outlet that empowers people of all ages through creativity. Artsy Cartsy will be available for hire for events and will have various price points for different art activities. There will also be activities tailored to age groups, such as toddlers, kids, teens, adults and older persons. I am also focusing on under-served areas of Tulsa County, as I have been working with these areas for the majority of my career in arts administration.


The philosophy of "Artsy Cartsy" is as follows:


My core belief is that everyone is creative. Never doubt your creativity. Get bored, play, don't focus on the end product. It's about the process. If you just let yourself get creative and play, then you will surprise yourself. Doing this is essential to mental health- you will benefit greatly in your everyday life if you take the time to play.

Artsy Cartsy is made possible in part by a grant from the Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition and generous donations



My name is Mery McNett

Mery McNett is a Tulsa-based multimedia artist/animator and a graduate of the University of Tulsa where she studied painting under artist Mark Lewis. She has worked in the Tulsa Arts scene for over 13 years, creating graphic visuals, arts programming and teaching various forms of art at institutions such as Living Arts, ahha Tulsa, and Gilcrease Museum. Through her work in the arts scene, she has gained extensive experience with process artmaking. She has had work shown throughout Oklahoma and other areas. Her work consists of various media, including sculpture, ink, watercolor, oil paintings, video art, etc.

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