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Grief & the Full Cup of Joy (2021-present)

“From my rotting body, flowers shall grow and I am in them, and that is eternity.”

  ― Edvard Munch

I started a new series of art in 2020, deciding to go back to my painting roots. Just after starting this series, I experienced the loss of two important beings in my life. Thus, this work has evolved into a series about grief, called Grief and the Full Cup of Joy, named after a journal entry my father made in 1998.  I explore the complex process of grief through art, painting images that examine my personal experiences, and the beauty that lies within a bleak subject matter. The hidden joy is represented not only in specific imagery, but in the bright, striking colors that are a juxtaposition to the dark imagery. The exhibit includes paintings, video, and interactive installation.


Interactive elements include:

- Black lights will be available to view the colors in a new form, transforming each image. 

- QR codes are also available that link to videos that include music and stories behind each work

- The installation has flowers and ribbons that the public will write the name of a loved one and place around the "Flower Spirit Figures"


I dedicate Grief and the Full Cup of Joy to my father (Robert Kent McNett, 1955-2020) and my soulmate (Gonzo McNett-Murray, 2009-2020).


The Living Arts exhibit included performances by Jessica Davenport and Karen Lacy.

About Mery McNett: Mery McNett is a Tulsa-based multimedia artist and a graduate of the University of Tulsa where she studied painting under artist Mark Lewis. She has worked in the Tulsa Arts District for over 10 years, creating graphic visuals and teaching various forms of art. She has had work shown throughout Oklahoma and other areas. Her work consists of various media, including sculpture, paintings, video art, etc.

Photos by Destiny Jade Green


Living Arts of Tulsa opened on April 1-21, 2022

Shuffles Tulsa, June 2022

The Abbey at Rose Hill Cemetery, February 10, 2023

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