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In 2018, I experienced the loss of a job, then a period of extreme depression. As I slowly climbed out, I started to experiment more with different media. I eventually tried painting again, and my love for the medium was rekindled. I hadn't painted since 2011...a 7 year hiatus.

In this series, you can see how I experimented with portraiture, figurative drawing, ink, then alcohol ink...I was trying to mind my love for creating art again. I had been running away from painting for a whole, because I thought I had already "been there, done that". Jenny Saville, my favorite painter, inspired me in college. It was only fitting that my first painting since was a study of one of her most recent paintings. I had wanted to incorporate fluorescent paint in my work since my college day, but never figured out how to do it in a pleasing manner. With this first painting, I was inspired by her layering on top of bright colors...out of this, Grief and the Full Cup of Joy was born.

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